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How to Join the “Meredith and Me” Movement:

Sept. 30 – Oct. 1 of this year marks a significant anniversary for the university. As students, you are an important part of this commemoration, and you are the living symbol of the great accomplishments still to be achieved by our university’s graduates. Each of you is encouraged to find a way to get involved in an event related to this significant anniversary. It is an opportunity to witness a historic day for the university – the type of experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Students are being encouraged to base their comments, thoughts and observations about the 50th anniversary on the four words on the Civil Rights Monument between the UM library and the Lyceum: Courage, Opportunity, Perseverance, and Leadership. Each week before the walk on September 30th posters and other materials using one of those words will be distributed around campus. We want you to get involved!

Tweeters: Join the hashtag campaign by tweeting a favorite quote, personal observation or fact. Be sure to add #meredithandme so that your tweet can become part of the university’s archives on this significant event.

Instagramers: Post a picture related to one of the 50th anniversary events to an Instagram account created for the event. Follow meredithandme on Instagram or tag your photo #meredithandme

Facebookers: Contact Coulter Ward, assistant dean of students for student organizations, at 662-915-7248 or to receive a Facebook cover photo especially for students to share on their personal Facebook pages. Or, follow student-related news about the 50th at

For digital versions of the posters to be used in social media, contact Jennifer Farish, associate director of integrated marketing at 662-915-5079 or