Teaching Resources for Instructors and Students

Dear Instructor:

Members of the University of Mississippi’s Civil Rights subcommittee constructed these sample assignments using resources available online, in the university’s First-Year Experience text The Ole Miss Experience and in Archives and Special Collections. You are encouraged to modify these assignments to respond to a variety of student learners in different types of courses. In addition, writing prompts can be used as discussion prompts; assignments directed to individuals may be used with small groups. Also, a list of secondary sources with embedded links for ease of location within the J.D. Williams Library is included.

As collection of Mississippi civil rights materials is a focus of Special Collections, you are encouraged to explore the depth of materials available. Please visit Special Collections or search online subject guides to learn more. (For example, see https://www.library.olemiss.edu/guides/archives_subject_guide/civil-rights)


Members of the Civil Rights subcommittee

Download the Resource Guide (PDF)